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Effective employee leadership

In order to lead your employees effectively, you need to be able to lead yourself. We will work on your leadership qualities in order to improve your personal resources as a team leader. I also help you discover, in collaboration with your team, the right path to becoming a valued leader.

Set a good example! Good managers are guided by their visions for the future and keep overall objectives in focus despite constant change. They thus create a motivating environment to help their team members develop their full potential.

Alongside professional expertise, many other qualities are essential. First of all, in a personal discussion, we explore your own resources and strengths. From this it is possible to get a picture of your personal leadership mindset, which is comprised of both your subconscious, emotional personal experience and your rational mind. A combination of the two enables you to discover a clear a clear position and develop leadership qualities:

  • Be authentic
  • Look for opportunities
  • Delegate
  • Live fairness
  • Create trust
  • Discover and support talents
  • Show appreciation
  • Communicate openly and clearly
  • Make good decicions


COMPANION Young Leadership - Leading with attitude

A Companion Seminar Format


  • Which insights from the Leadership Training 2022 have I already been able to implement well in everyday leadership - in the leadership of employees and/or in my own leadership?
  • What is my greatest concern that I would like to implement sustainably? This "burning under the nails" topic is the starting point for the strengths-based self-management training:
  • Successful goal achievement with the ZRM® (Zurich Resource Model)


  • The participants recognize that leadership is an attractive challenge that they want to tackle with joy and enthusiasm, respectfully and curiously.
  • The young leaders learn a self-leadership method that enables them to develop their inner attitude, their mindset, for their (future) leadership.
  • With the ZRM® method, the high potentials can bring their learnings from the previous year's training into sustainable implementation.
  • This gives them lasting strength, composure and confidence as they take on their leadership role.

The participants acquire

  • Knowledge of leadership and self-leadership
  • Insights into the emotional aspects of their leadership role:
  • Based on their own experience with sustainable self-management, they can respectfully and effectively support their employees with their emotional parts.

Brief description to the seminar:

COMPANION Young Leadership - Training: "Leading with Attitude"

"We have enough critics. What our time needs are people who encourage." (Konrad Adenauer)

 This quote refers to the first view of how we lead employees. The second look is at ourselves:

What about our self-leadership? Are we ourselves our harshest critic? Do we know how to encourage ourselves?

Successful self-management is a prerequisite for the authentic leadership of my employees: If I can manage myself well I am a credible role model for my team - and can encourage them!

The Young Leadership Training picks up where the previous year's leadership training left off: What has worked well for you since then? Which lessons have you already been able to implement in your everyday life? Which topic or concern is "burning under your nails" the most, what do you really want to implement at last?

You work on this goal in the strength-oriented self-management training according to the ZRM® (Zurich Resource Model) - with "head and gut".

This is how your intention becomes your inner attitude, your mindset, which enables you to reach your goal sustainably, easily and with joy. Be surprised!

With the ZRM® you learn a method to implement the learning from the leadership training in your work routine.

You can also use this proven method for successful, strength-oriented self-management independently for future topics, decisions, changes - for yourself and as well for your team.

In this young leadership training there will be time and opportunity for you and your colleagues: How can you support each other well and become a confident community? What is common in your diversity?

This training does not end after 1.5 days, it is the beginning of a process that strengthens and encourages you. Leading employees is a permanent learning process and a responsible challenge. Leading people "with heart and soul" is a joy - and can be fun as well!